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..," she gasped in time with his strokes. Her nipples rubbed into his chest. He couldn't help himself, and pulled back, engulfing her right areola his mouth and sucking, licking the nipple. She gasped loudly and arched her back in response, increasing the angle of penetration. His dick began to feel really good.He opened his eyes and disengaged from her breast as he realized he wasn't wearing a condom! Laura, a virgin until a few minutes ago, certainly wasn't on the pill, nor would she. Alas, on this day, his fist formed around thin air - the hammer had disappeared.”Her hand was searching the thin air next to her chair and I was no longer lying down. I hadn’t heard this story before and had to sit up straight. Thor’s hammer was gone! How could he defend Asgard and make thunder without it?She glanced at me, gave me a deep smile and continued on reading. Her voice increased in intensity and she managed to speak with a deeper voice. “Thor was beside himself. His rage was immense. We had our lunch. We couldn’t stop looking at each other while Ajay was busy with the TV.Then I asked Ajay if he’d like to watch another movie. I told him I wanted to watch something on TV. So, he agreed but it was all just a ploy to begin round two. By the time, I came back to Megha after playing the movie for Ajay, she was completely naked on the bed.This aroused me so much that I didn’t even go to kiss her. I put my face between her legs and started licking her pussy. It was dripping wet. She stands up and forces it against he’s throat.“What the fuck you doing?” he says.“Having some fun” says Poppy “Now pull my knickers down like a good Bitch”.The Man lifts her skirt and pulls down her knickers to her thighs and a big strap on dildo pops up.“Turn around and put your hand on the back of the toilet” Poppy says.The Man does as he is told.Poppy stands behind him and puts the dildo against he’s arse hole.“Ever been fucked in the arse before?” says Poppy.“No” whimpers the Man.“Well.

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