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We had our lunch and I went outside to meet my friends and other work. She asked me to come early as she gets bored alone at home.I came back at 5pm.S...e opened the door and I was surprised to see her in such a beautiful saree which I gifted her for her birthday. It was a transparent saree and I could see her beauties through the saree. We had snacks and started to talk in my bed room by watching tv. A hollywood movie was going on. Lovers were kissing like mad. That was a french kiss. By seeing. For few minutes still, she came in mouth.Suddenly she pushed me down and took my dick in her mouth and took it deep throat. We both were like animals then. I told her that I was going to come. She drank all of it in the moment.My dick was semi-erect after ejaculation so I thought of fingering her for some time before my dick could get erect. I was just fingering her for less than a minute before my dick came live. She said, “othu tholaiyen daaa poolu” (fuck me you bloody bastard). I told her. As they reached the end of the driveway, Dark Vegan pulled up in one of his smaller ships and said, “I knew I would find you here.” He took one look at Jillian and saw that she was with Joni. “Oh good, you’re not with that boy. Here is your stuff.” He looked to Joni and added, “Make sure she stays away from that Johnny.” Then back to his daughter, “I’ll be back for you in a few months.”“Does any of this seem weird to you? I mean first, my Mom doesn’t want me anywhere near her kids. Then she’s. I felt pretty lucky too."Of course," I said."And I think you're so cute when you try to do the right thing," she went on. "Sometimes you're so adorable I just want to eat you up!"She said that as if she were talking to Dilly, but she was looking right at me. It was very sexy, somehow, and my eyes dropped to the tight folds of her pussy lips.Except they weren't so tight, tonight. When she had first come in, they were pale and pressed tightly together, almost like a barrier, rather than a gate..

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